Destination Inspiration: What Version of Yourself Keeps You Motivated?

Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with an answer to what inspires me because I often don’t think of what it is as a tangible or explainable object/person/place etc. What for me is an experience or a vision of where I see myself right now… or myself in the past who could have made a better decision… OR EVEN the idea of who I want to become. But I think it is more of a trajectory which we move along throughout our lives and have feelings of inspiration.

Are you still with me? ;)

Here is a simplified version of what I believe motivates us, Continue reading

A Waist of Time! 5 Lies You Were Told About Waist Training

For centuries women have experimented with enhancing their bodies to appeal to societal standards of beauty, and over 100 years later wearing corsets has made a comeback under the name of “waist training” (formally called tight-lacing). This piece of equipment is advertised as being capable of doing what regular exercise cannot: flattening your stomach AND giving you a curvy hips! It’s a miracle right? Celebrities have been flooding social media timelines everywhere showing off their stylish waist trainers and their jaw-dropping results while simultaneously getting any self-conscious female to join the band wagon. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Support the New Sex-Ed Curriculum in Ontario

The other day I participated in some sexual health activism on Twitter that supported the new sex-ed curriculum being implemented in Ontario later this year. I have been upset by the public displays of ignorance since February so I was more than glad to join in the #SupportSexEd discussion as soon as I saw Canadian sexologist Dr. Jess sharing her views on the matter. I made sure I gave my time and energy to positive discussions and opinions by fellow sex/health educators and organizations in the Toronto area that work with youth, the LGBT community, and other supporters. My reasons for supporting the curriculum stems from wanting inclusion and respect to be taught Continue reading

Protest for What? New Ontario Sex-Ed Curriculum Provides Age Appropriate Learning

This image has been circulating all over the country as the proposed new curriculum. This information is misguided and taken completely out of context.

Ever since Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the updates for the new sex education curriculum many have been up in arms protesting about how harmful this will be to the children of this generation. Mostly based on misguided information and the over-exaggeration of what was implied, there have been large groups against the new curriculum because they felt that it was “promoting and encouraging sexual behaviour at an early age”. One Toronto Star article interviewed a man who claimed that the sex-ed program was trying to teach kids about anal sex and how to expose themselves at a young age (disclaimer: the level of ignorance contained in their article may induce vomiting). Continue reading