Fearing God

Is this a quality we should all aspire to attain? All is obviously exclusive to people who believe in a Higher Being or identify with any religion.

Fearing God is an admirable quality since it is the foundation for wisdom and knowledge. You must respect an Almighty power in order to be spiritually disciplined; from here, you’re able to acquire traits such as loyalty, obedience, and gratitude. For the longest time, I was always so confused about what it meant to fear the Lord. It made it sound as if He was non-forgiving towards our sins, ruthless, and aggressive. As I grew older, the phrase was mentioned more and more in my life, and eventually I just understood it without asking many questions. “Fearing God” isn’t literally being scared of his punishments, but rather being scared of not living up to His expectations. Again, this allows for us to develop admirable qualities in order to live a righteous life.

This opinion has been propelled from a Christian perspective, however, the same can apply to more than one religion. Specifically with Hinduism, if someone chooses the bhakti marga (path of devotion), this is essentially a ‘god-fearing’ approach towards liberating yourself.

Can the fear of a supreme power be used as a motivational mechanism to reach our full potential as human beings? Or is this notion detrimental to our success due to fear of punishment and exile from Heaven, nirvana, Zion, the after life… ?


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