Does complementary and alternative medicine require an open mind to be fully functional?

Not everyone is open to trying alternative medicine or open to trying certain methods of healing simply because they might not believe in its ability to cure. In the last decade, the Western world has become more accepting of alternative methods of healing, specifically those with religious/cultural influence. Shamanism was one example of alternative healing I’ve learned about in during my undergrad and while I’ve seen many videos of the rituals and seen people get cured before my eyes, I am still very skeptical about how it actually heals a person… but I am completely open to chakra healing, acupuncture, or massage therapy. Even when I try to think of the reasons why I prefer other methods to Shamanism, I don’t know the actual reason to be completely honest. One thing I can say is that each shaman’s healing ritual is different from one another and this is also dependant on the culture they are from.

The doubts I have about this modality of alternative healing would make it difficult to be healed only because I believe an open mind is required for spiritual healing to be fully functional. Any subconscious fears I have will hinder the healer’s ability to work with my energy levels because they wouldn’t be cooperating and my body would be too anxious to receive “the cure”. I find it almost impossible for things to operate if there is no faith or openness to receive what it is giving you.

Open minds are prepared to receive positive outcomes and accept the negative ones as they come; closed minds only want to receive one outcome only, usually time-specific or with shallow intentions. It must be understood that complementary and alternative medicine practices originate from cultures with strong belief systems about divine power and universal energy. The energy you bring to the modality and the healer will most certainly effect your chances of being healed.

Do you think an individual has to be open to a healing practice in order for it to work? Or can it work regardless of a person not believing in its ability to heal them? Does it also depend on the practice/method used?


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