Awareness I

The term AWARENESS can be defined as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact; as well as concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

My own understanding of the word is being mindful and open to the thoughts and ideas of others, acknowledging other physical presences of humankind and nature, and also being able to navigate yourself and live amongst these things. Simple examples like holding doors open for others behind you, saying “Thank you”, moving out of the way when you see others running for the subway that is about to leave the platform… just to name a few examples. Acknowledging that animals have feelings just like us is also a primary indication of one’s awareness.

It’s about coming to the realization that things are not about you.
Things are beyond you. Greater than your existence.
It’s about putting yourself in a position to experience a new perspective.
It’s about realizing that others receive what you put out into the universe and that shapes their life experiences too.
Reflect on the following scenarios: Making negative or insulting remarks. Physical abuse. Sharing a story from your past. Teaching someone a new skill. Doing a favour for someone in need. Imagine yourself as the victim or receiver. Now imagine yourself as the donor or contributor of these situations. Viewing and experiencing multiple outlooks can enhance your awareness of others and yourself. It provides a platform to develop morals and how you interact with others. Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Thinking before you act is Awareness 101. Being aware of yourself in the universe is how you learn to function and operate in society. But as civilization has progressed we have developed morals, values, laws, and lists of things that are socially acceptable. Not being aware of these things can lead to punishment… or being rejected by others. One chooses to acknowledge these things and decides if they want to comply or not.

It seems as though understanding the consequences of your own actions and identifying how words or actions will affect others is an advanced form of awareness. I say this because in our society today we have sacrificed real human experiences and interactions for the love of technology. We are so removed from experiences where we might say awful things to someone but never have to see how the other person reacts or interpret how they truly feel. We are losing our ability to sense emotion. We are becoming less aware of how our actions and words make others feel.

We need to restore our awareness to prevent ignorance. Intervention and transformation of ourselves is required.

…Stay tuned for Part 2!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Awareness I

  1. socialservicesandthecity says:

    Your perspective is refreshing! It forces us to be a lot more accountable for our actions and what energy we deposit in the world. As you stated, part of awareness is being in control of what you say, think and feel as it affects those around you. As humans, we err, we have negative thoughts, the indicator of who we are is how we strive to correct it!

    Continue to post, your articles are amazing:)

    Liked by 1 person

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