Awareness II

(continuing from part 1 of this article)

Awareness is being an open channel for all experiences, feelings, emotions, and thoughts to pass through. Embrace them or dispose of them. Let them inspire your soul or fuel your ego. Do whatever you want with whatever you’ve been exposed to…

Nowadays, it is more difficult to build up our awareness because the society we live in is diminishing our human interactions and connections. One can argue that technology has made it easier to maintain connections and meet new people around the world. Yes, there is some truth to that but hear me out on an important argument: How aware of you of that person through technology if you lack the ability to physically connect and interpret them appropriately? There is an increase in miscommunication and a massive disconnect since there is no real eye contact or direct body contact (hand shake, hug, etc)?

I am not trying to say we can’t develop relationships via technology or that any relationship created through these mediums are not authentic. That debate is for another blog. Our levels of awareness will continue to decrease the more we rely on technology to sustain relationships since we are removed from a human experience that requires direct interaction. I originally planned on listing four main arguments to this whole technology versus awareness topic, but I can save that for another blog post to prevent this one from being too long :)

I believe having an awareness of the world around you (environment and people) are essential for being a competent and functional human beings. Sometimes when I come across ignorant people, I can’t help but look at them and think, how do you function in this world by being so self-absorbed? Is everyone else in the world just a decorative accessory piece to add to the scenery of your life? To reiterate what I said in the first part of this article, nothing is about you in this world; they are beyond you. How we behave and react in this world has direct effects on other human beings, which also determines your level of awareness.

Remember to reflect on being on the giving and receiving end of a situation. Increase your awareness by seeing things from multiple perspectives. Have more direct contact with people and navigate yourself through your emotions. Today, I want you to tune into the depths of your soul and think about how you can positively influence others with your vibrations. Acts of kindness. Words of kindness. Share positive feelings, emotions, and thoughts so that others can embrace them. Inspire some souls.


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