New Topics for Nutrition Month 2015

It is 2015 and I believe that a majority of the population is more aware of how to eat healthy, but they just choose not to. Why is that? My best guess is because it is easier and more affordable to eat unhealthy, and who doesn’t enjoy excess salt, sugar, and trans fat? That’s what makes everything taste so good!

I’ve had a look and many different wellness initiatives across the internet for Nutrition Month, both from small and large organizations, and the trends have generally stayed the same. Eating healthy at work, making breakfast a part of your every day routine, incorporating all food groups into your meals, blah blah blah. These topics are boring and redundant and I am tired of seeing the same stale information from previous years.

As an aspiring wellness professional, I am going to use this opportunity to discuss some new and unfamiliar topics around nutrition because the month of March should be used to learn and develop healthy habits. Being passionate about health and wellness paired with my inquisitive nature, I have multiple topics of interest that can be categorized under the nutrition umbrella.

Look out for some articles this month on dieting trends, the organic and genetically-modified food industry, healthy alternatives, body image, and breastfeeding.

Stay tuned and Happy Nutrition Month!!


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