10 Reasons to Support the New Sex-Ed Curriculum in Ontario

The other day I participated in some sexual health activism on Twitter that supported the new sex-ed curriculum being implemented in Ontario later this year. I have been upset by the public displays of ignorance since February so I was more than glad to join in the #SupportSexEd discussion as soon as I saw Canadian sexologist Dr. Jess sharing her views on the matter. I made sure I gave my time and energy to positive discussions and opinions by fellow sex/health educators and organizations in the Toronto area that work with youth, the LGBT community, and other supporters. My reasons for supporting the curriculum stems from wanting inclusion and respect to be taught at a young age and I think this message is being deflected with hate and resistance. So if you have a loving soul and are capable of embracing the uniqueness of the human race, please read my ten reasons to support sex ed!

  1. #SupportSexEd because kids need to learn about different sexual orientations (whether they identify as a cis-gender or not, inclusion is key)

  2. #SupportSexEd because it will teach more than just safe sex, but about healthy relationships and body awareness!

  3. #SupportSexEd because teaching boys about consent will send the message that they are NOT entitled to female bodies.

  4. #SupportSexEd because parents aren’t doing it and someone has to do it !!

  5. #SupportSexEd because the current curriculum was written in 1998; your kids are in more danger with outdated information.

  6. #SupportSexEd because it will reduce homophobia and transphobia over time! #knowledgeispower #themoreyouknow

  7. Does teaching kids about drunk driving encourage them to drink and drive? No… so how will sex-ed make kids sexually active? #SupportSexEd

  8. Suicides, rapes, and mental health issues are a result of the lack of education and safe places for these discussions #SupportSexEd

  9. #SupportSexEd because sex-ed is about PREVENTION and BEHAVIOUR CHANGE… its a public health issue!

  10. Levels of consent, healthy relationships, and decision-making skills are all taught in the new curriculum. Accept that these topics will always be age appropriate no matter the situation.  #SupportSexEd #noexcuses

See more #SupportSexEd quotes from Planned Parenthood Toronto on their Facebook page!


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