Destination Inspiration: What Version of Yourself Keeps You Motivated?

Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with an answer to what inspires me because I often don’t think of what it is as a tangible or explainable object/person/place etc. What for me is an experience or a vision of where I see myself right now… or myself in the past who could have made a better decision… OR EVEN the idea of who I want to become. But I think it is more of a trajectory which we move along throughout our lives and have feelings of inspiration.

Are you still with me? ;)

Here is a simplified version of what I believe motivates us, and I hope to revisit this theme in the near future. Enjoy and feel free to comment below with what motivates you!

The Past

The past is the past and essentially everything currently contained within the past has already occurred. Your past can be inspiring to your present self if you have positive feelings about your decisions, accomplishments, and outcomes that you made for yourself. This inspiration of the past can motivate and inspire you to continue on a successful path of aligned positivity (and can even inspire others!). A negative outcome of your past comes with a lesson to carry with you into the present and future.

What part of your past inspires you to create better outcomes for yourself in this present moment… the positive or negative experiences?

The Present

The present is a gift because it is the most current moment: TODAY, right now… what is better than this moment? You are also the best version of yourself in the present. With that being said, can you be inspired if you are always the better version of yourself in the present? Of course! We are only human and we will inevitably make mistakes; we always have the opportunity to be better and do great things for ourselves and others. But the present can only be inspiring to those who live in the moment (and many people are not about this life!)

Being inspired by the present is about being aware of your current surroundings and absorbing this energy to use as metaphysical fuel for greatness. Whether it’s actively listening in a conversation, being open minded to new opportunities, or admiring nature’s beauty, these are just some of the many ways to enjoy yourself in the present.

How long can you go without thinking about the future or your past? Take time out of your day today to be mindful of the present and enjoy it!

The Future

This area of the fifth dimension can be the most inspiring to some since most people already envision themselves in the future and have strong predictions of the outcomes they expect to receive. But since the future is unknown no matter how well we think we can predict it, the outcome is based on a ton of complex factors, both individual and universal.

Are you inspired by who you were destined to be? Who do you want to become?

“fall in love with the process and the success will come”.

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