Beyonce Dance Classes Come To Toronto!

Torontonians no longer have to run through the six with their woes, thanks to “Beyography”, the 2-hour dance class inspired by Beyonce’s choreography and greatest hits. From booty-shaking anthems (Crazy in Love, Check On It, 7/11) to strutting-down-the-runway singles (Freakum Dress, Naughty Girl, Partition), there’s no doubt in my mind that these classes will fill up quickly and be on a wait-list.

how I’m picturing the classes…


Nicky Nasrallah, who teaches the class in heels btw, is the creator and instructor of Beyography and has now given divas of the GTA a reason to upgrade themselves with their Beyonce discography (if you haven’t been doing so already). Every Wednesday at noon classes will be available for only $15 at the Elevate Dancentre at 979 Bloor Street West [more details here].

Since the class is two hours long be prepared to get to WERK *snaps with an attitude*.
Beyonce stans are forever mesmerized by her goddess bod and those sexy dance moves and since Beyography is a full-body workout, fingers crossed that the return on investment are fabulous results! Not only will this be a fun way to sweat, but I predict that it will be positively received by the city and evolve into fitness classes.

calves for days…

I probably don’t have to convince anyone to sign up for Beyography (the word BEYONCE attached to anything will sell itself). Her name is synonymous with confidence, self-love, and femininity for crying out loud… expect to feel all these things after channeling your inner diva for a couple of hours too!

Need a warm-up for Wednesday? Have a listen to the extended version of “Get Me Bodied”… a little sweatin’ never hurt nobody!


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