Awareness II

(continuing from part 1 of this article)

Awareness is being an open channel for all experiences, feelings, emotions, and thoughts to pass through. Embrace them or dispose of them. Let them inspire your soul or fuel your ego. Do whatever you want with whatever you’ve been exposed to…

Nowadays, it is more difficult to build up our awareness because the society we live in is diminishing our human interactions and connections. One can argue that technology has made it easier to maintain connections and meet new people around the world. Yes, there is some truth to that but hear me out on an important argument: How aware of you of that person through technology if you lack the ability to physically connect and interpret them appropriately? There is an increase in miscommunication and a massive disconnect since there is no real eye contact or direct body contact (hand shake, hug, etc)? Continue reading


Is Yoga a Form of Exercise?

Many people might mention things about awareness and generating positive energy when discussing the yoga practices (which I think are the most prominent aspect to practicing asanas), but I also think the spiritual component is also worth mentioning. Continue reading

Awareness I

The term AWARENESS can be defined as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact; as well as concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

My own understanding of the word is being mindful and open to the thoughts and ideas of others, acknowledging other physical presences of humankind and nature, and also being able to navigate yourself and live amongst these things. Simple examples like holding doors open for others behind you, saying “Thank you”, moving out of the way when you see others running for the subway that is about to leave the platform… just to name a few examples. Acknowledging that animals have feelings just like us is also a primary indication of one’s awareness. Continue reading

today 1/4

Is the fear of trying something new worse than regretting a missed opportunity?

Trying new things could result in failure… or a new found passion.
There is absolutely nothing to lose regardless of the outcome because a lesson was learned and a new interest was introduced.
When you miss a one-time opportunity, the possibility of outcomes will remain in your mind constantly replaying themselves… reminding you that you had the chance to participate in an experience to grow wise and learn about your self.
Fear is only temporary while regret stays with you.
Push forward with optimism and remove your doubts of failure.
Be open to every possibility.
Do not hold back on great experiences because the feeling of regret is much worse than the fear you will feel for only a few minutes. 

Shine on.

Does complementary and alternative medicine require an open mind to be fully functional?

Not everyone is open to trying alternative medicine or open to trying certain methods of healing simply because they might not believe in its ability to cure. In the last decade, the Western world has become more accepting of alternative methods of healing, specifically those with religious/cultural influence. Shamanism was one example of alternative healing I’ve learned about in during my undergrad and while I’ve seen many videos of the rituals and seen people get cured before my eyes, I am still very skeptical about how it actually heals a person… but I am completely open to chakra healing, acupuncture, or massage therapy. Continue reading